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Abstraction . That name was chosen to highlight our dedication to Object Technology. That approach is indeed completely based on the concept of Abstract Data Type. For us the highest art in building software consists of encapsulating true Abstractions in their jewel-cases: classes.

We are based in Neuchâtel., Switzerland, a world-famous symbol of quality and precision . Building quality components is right in the tradition of our city, even if our components are pure abstraction.

We apply this approach which conviction in our main product Autmatique Business Computing. That product automate the entreprise management respecting as perfectly as possible the needs and the culture of each entreprise or business. This was made possible by making ABC a finit state automaton interpretor. Thise automaton are made conform to the current entreprise procedures and are dynamically adapted as the entreprise change. And, of course, an automaton is the best to produce reliable accounting records !

We provide:
  • training for Object Oriented technology
  • introduction to free softwares
  • specified software components
  • mentoring for Eiffel project startup
  • Eiffel compilers et tools
  • and we have own products : Automatic Business Computing (ABC) and SHOP.

Ower philosophy

Software Engineering is the art of building software starting from existing components, not from scratch. From a long time, engineers of all domain use existing components from the market. Software only start to thing at the possibility to adopt that logic. That apparent slowness can be explained by the youngness of the discipline. Unlike the mechanic which has been developed for more than millenars , the software development is old of about half a century. Therefore that discipline has still a long to go before being adult. Notably, software developers have to accept that it not reasonable to build unspecified components, and of course it event more unreasonable to reuse such components. This is the step which should be made right now and that already has a name: programming by contractTM . That idea is on the way now, and we are participating to the propagation of that evidence.

Ower choice

According to, we thing that the choice of exellences is Eiffel Softwaretm technology. If you don't known what Eiffel technology means in termes of methode, language and tools, just clic the following links.

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