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We place at the disposal of the Eiffel community some libraries and components which we consider of general interest. Those are placed at the disposal under license Eiffel forum.


The library "time" is a libairie moreover, making it possible to handle time and its representations in the form of date, hours minutes, etc. If there are many alternatives with these problems, we use this one with success in applcation where one have to compare date very quickly. Ower representation beeing an integer, this kind of operation is very fast. For that raison, at least, this version should be able to coexist with others and to have its partisans. Two ideas maitresses are at the base of the design of this library. First is that any value of time is a point on the axis of times. This axis being often regarded as the fourth dimension. From this approach semantics rises from the valid numerical operations on any point of space time. The second idea is very terre.`.terre since it is rather about a requirement in the field of the implementation. A point of time has only one attribute which is not other than an entirety. This limits obviously the possible intervale but n the other hand this gets to us authorities of weak poid in memory. However this can be crucial in particular for applications which store quantities of dated data.

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Shared Object Persist, is a library for the amateurs of Eiffel who wish to create distributable applications of which the various processes share a system of permanent data. Contrary to the other basic systems of directed qualified data objects, SHOP is transparent for the programmer who uses the authorities of persistent objects. Those are subjected to a contract of class as any other Eiffel object a point it is all.

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The Parse libraries is a complete rewriting of the library proposed by Bertrand Meyer in his book devoted to the libraries of component as an Eiffel. This rewriting also includes/understands contributions of Gerry Butler. This version igalment makes it possible to use to analyze them lexical GOBO. Moreover performances are well increased compared to the original version .

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We propose here some components to you which supplement the EiffelBase library.

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